Northern Isolation

Your Fearless Author

My Name is Ian.

I like black metal. I also like writing about it, even when it’s bad.

I am Post-Jewish.

I come from a place that people associate with shitty suburbia. I associate it with the rich history of foreign stewardship (Dutch and English) and the folklore these dense forests have spawned.

I’m fond of ice-cold water and cool Autumn dusk.

I can be found lurking in the forest or on the internet.

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Just throught I would write to you to clear up a few things. I play in Nuklearenpest. We are not a racist/NS band. 2/3 members are Jewish, 1/3 is Mexican. Zionism does not equate Judaism, just as Anti-Zionist does not equate Anti-Semitic. I suggest you read up on the subject before making false accusations for all to see.


Comment by Z

Duly noted. I will print a retraction. You can understand my confusion, I’d hope.

Comment by northernisolation

Please do. We are trying to avoid the sort of association being labelled as such brings. You can email me if you have any further questions.

Comment by Z

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