Northern Isolation

From the Graves, Into Other Graves
07/21/2016, 2:40 PM
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It’s been a really long time since I updated here. I have no idea if anyone even reads this anymore. Essentially, I have grown deeply tired of the endless stream of shitty black metal releases that get propped up by the false fools that idolize black metal. As different elements of the genre rise and fall in and out of popularity, I realize that to review black metal when I can barely stand to listen to what passes as “black metal” in 2016 is, in and of itself, false. So I am officially and definitively putting Northern Isolation back into the grave, from whence it will never be disinterred.

I have, however, felt a desire to begin reviewing records again. Since my taste have always spanned far beyond simply black metal, this new project will encompass many genres of metal. As Northern Isolation in its later stages reviewed releases from bands on relatively large labels with relatively high budgets, this new endeavor will consist solely of aggressively independent releases. Prepare for a lot of bandcamp and tape releases. I submit to you, the newest chapter in my half-assed attempt at “journalistic integrity”: Chains and Leather.


-I, Warbastard

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