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Top 20 Best (and Worst) Records of 2011 Pt. 1: 20-11
12/05/2011, 4:11 PM
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Ok, it’s now officially December, meaning the clock is running out on the year. Looking at the list of significant (but mostly insignificant) black metal releases in the coming months, I see very little to be excited for. Sure there’s the rerecording of “Under the Sign of Hell”. I can probably guess how it sounds because I heard the original one (although the inclusion of Tomas Asklund should be interesting). Its existence is really only necessary if you bought heavily into the Infernus v. Gaahl/King feud. Anyway. Here are 20 records. 10 great records and 10 awful records.


Top 20 Best (20-11)

20. El-Ahrariah-Tribute to Bathory

(Iansmål: I put a covers demo on my top 20 list? Fuck you. It’s Bathory. And Watership Down references. And fuck you.)


19. Der Weg Einer Freiheit-Agonie


18. Marnost-Pukajici Svet

17. Alda-: Tahoma :


16. Skogen-Svitjod


15. Weapon-From the Devil’s Tomb

14. Alcest-Le Secret (2011 Re-Release)

(Iansmål: I dislike all these re-releases, but this one had the decency to include the original tracks on it.)


13. Kladovest-Atmosphere

12. Embers-Shadows

11. Pestilentia-Pestilentia Demo


Top 20 Worst (20-11)

20. Ekho-Spitefull


19. GruwelDood-GruwelDood

(Iansmål: Still can’t tell if this is a joke or not. They’ve released other records since.)

18. Amelnakru-Monomania

17. Falgar-Crepusculum

16. Nuklearenpest-Consigned to the Black Plague

(Iansmål: Who once again, are not nazis.)

15. Heretoir-Heretoir

14. Burzum-From the Depths of Darkness

(Iansmål: In terms of quality, this normally wouldn’t have made the list. Yet, for Varg’s blatant cashing in and for how high I let my hopes get, this makes the list)

13. Wholy Failure-The Black House

12. Vrag-Avarkoporso

11. Panzerbastard-Bastards Die Hard 2011 Re-Release


Stay tuned for the 2nd half of the list. There will likely be one or two review posts in the interim. The good will get better, the bad will get waaaay worse.

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