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Northern Isolation Presents…
08/25/2011, 7:41 PM
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click the picture, you’ll get the first ever Northern Isolation sampler mix. In no particular order, the tracklist is below:

“Cut Their Brain and Place Fire Therein” by Weakling (from “Dead as Dreams” out 2000 on tUMULt)

“Werewolf” by Temnozor (from “Horizons…” out 2003 on CD-Maximum)

“Blood Under Stone” by Elk (from the Elk/Carrion split, self-released in 2008)

“Svartrit” by Svartrit (from “I” out 2010 on Mystery of Death Productions)

“Death Coitus” by Verge (from “Sex and Violence” out 2011 on Descending Toward Damnation)

“As Leafs They Fall” by Xibalba (from “Demo 2010” out 2010 on Nuclear War Now Productions)

“Dés-Espoir ” by Pensées Nocturnes (from “Vacuum” out 2009 on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre)

“Ne Meurs Jamais…” by Epheles (from “Je Suis Autrefois” out 2011 on Apparitia Recordings)

“De Entstehung” by Wigrid (from “Hoffnungstod”out 2002 on No Colours Records)

“Sueno 3” by Sangre y Tierra  (from “Estrujándonos en el Mar” self-released in 2011)

“The True Metal” by Power From Hell (from “The True Metal” out 2004 on Dark Sun Records)

“The Brightest Night” by Desolate Shrine (from “Tenebrous Towers” out 2011 on Hammer of Hate)

“Harmonious” by Winterus (from “In Carbon Mysticism” out 2011 on Lifeforce)

“Cuerpo de Fuego” by Volahn (from “Dimensiónes del Trance Kósmico” out 2008 on Crepusculo Negro)

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Anyone know how my band made it onto a compilation without my knowing? I’m just curious, almost flattered.

Comment by q

I haphazardly threw together a few tracks from some of the bands I’ve reviewed since this blog’s inception that I really enjoyed and felt needed to be shared. Next time (if there is a next time), I’ll ask first.

Comment by northernisolation

You never have to ask! haha i’ve been digging music of mine up to share and noticed this. (I’m also responding a year later? haha)I encourage free sharing of my music man. Thank you so much for posting it on your blog.

Comment by q

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